6 Best Places to Stay in Glacier National Park in 2024

Glacier National Park Montana

I’ve been exploring Glacier National Park, which sits on the Montana-Canada border. It’s home to beautiful alpine lakes, a variety of wildlife, and the famous Going to the Sun Road. As the park becomes more popular, I need to find the best place to stay. So i tried them all so you don’t have hehe! … Read more

Horseback Riding in Glacier National Park, Northwest Montana 2024: Scenic Trails and Tours

Horseback Riding in Glacier National Park - Horses

I found horseback riding in Glacier National Park, Montana, to be a practical method for exploring the region’s mountains, glacial lakes, and wildlife. You can choose guided rides in areas like Many Glacier, Lake McDonald, and Apgar, which Swan Mountain Outfitters offer. These tours, led by experienced wranglers, accommodate both beginners and experienced riders like … Read more

How to Fly to Glacier: Tips on Getting There by Air

Glacier National Park take off

Glacier National Park is accessible year-round, with peak tourist season in July and August. Flight durations vary depending on your departure city. On average, flights from major U.S. cities usually take around 2 to 3 hours to reach Glacier. But, if you are flying from a more distant city, such as New York or Los … Read more

Columbia Falls – The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

Adventure sports Columbia Falls

Are you looking for that next vacation spot? Well, I’ve got a suggestion that might just end your search: Columbia Falls, Montana. Now, before you roll your eyes and think, “Ah, another small town, how original,” let me stop you right there. Columbia Falls is not just any small town, and yes, I’ve been there, … Read more

Glacier National Park – Discover the Untouched Beauty

Glacier National Park activities

Today, I will talk about a place that’s been very close to my heart – Glacier National Park. Located in the rugged beauty of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, this park is a slice of paradise for nature lovers like me. It’s where you’ll find me hiking through the forests, looking at the towering peaks, and maybe … Read more

Camping in Northwest Montana and Glacier National Park – Adventure Guide

Northwest Montana camping spots

Camping is by far my favorite outdoor activity, and today, I’m thrilled to share some insider tips about camping in the breathtaking Northwest Montana and Glacier National Park. I’ve spent a lot of time under the stars in this corner of the world, and let me tell you, it’s a camper’s paradise! The beautiful lakes … Read more